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Face And Body Painting

 Face and Body painting

 Years ago I actually used to thumb my nose up at face painters, I thought "how had can that be". Once I had children of my own I quickly learned that not all face painters are created equally. Some are dirty, use the same sponges on many kids and don't clean their brushes. And some even use craft paints on kids faces..

MP MAKEUP ARTISTRY is available for all kinds of events from the BIG 1000's events to the small and intimate events.  Corporate Holiday Parties, Family Reunions, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, big and small I can do it all !

But with me You will not have to worry 

I only use High quality, FDA approved skin safe body and face paints designed to be used on skin..

I also use disposable sponges, Clean sanitized brushes for every face, Clean water and I have high hygiene standards. If I wouldn't use it on my own child's face I will not use it on yours.


Do you want MP Makeup Artistry at you next event or child's birthday party ? 

Face painting is not just for the kids , face painting can add a fun and creative element to a Wedding reception, Bachelor and bachelorette  parties , birthday parties and girls nights. Simply email [email protected] or call 250-301-8401 in inquire about rates and availability. 


what brands should you be on the look out for when having yourself or your child's face painted...

AmeriKan Body Art
Ben Nye
Cameleon Pro Body paint
Diamond FX or DFX
Eroupean Body Art
FAB paint
Jest Paint Face and Body
Paradise / Mehron
Silly Farm Supplies Inc
Temptu Pro
Snazaroo (can be found locally at Micheals)
Wolfe FX
Make-up For Ever 



Face painting  

For Kids Birthday Parties I charge $135 for up to 15 faces, 2hrs and $75 per hour after the 1st 2hrs. This includes me coming to your party location (within city limits, travel fees for locations outside of the city limits). High quality FDA approved skin safe products, high hygiene standards ( clean water brushes and sponges per face) loads of bling for those that wish bling. I have over 150 unique custom designs to choose from and I try to fulfill every request.

If your group is larger please note I CAN accommodate any sized group, fees will vary

Individual bookings or Corporate events  please email Mandy at [email protected] for details. 

Body painting 

Every project is unique and time determines the cost please email for more info [email protected] 

Maternity belly painting

this is a fun easy going experience we can come to your home or meet at a fun location to celebrate this special time in a woman's journey to motherhood please email me to discus your themes and my rates.

FACTS about face and body painting that you may have never thought about   

 Be sure to only use FDA approved skin safe body and face paints on your self or your kids
I'm not trying to preach.. but trying to educate the masses, so children are not harmed by careless face painters..
Time and Time again I see images of children who some careless painter has applied acrylic paint or craft paints , and charged money to boot.. Some times they dont but like the old saying goes.. you get what you pay for.


And Micheal's the craft store now Carries Snazaroo, this is a great paint to use on your kids, its more difficult to get amazing line work, but it will work in a pinch if you cant order on line.. I prefer this brand to using any "Halloween" make-up that is sold around this time of year, Snazaroo is great for the home hobbyist to someone who just wants to paint up their kid to go trick or treating.. I also have some in my kit too..
Micheals also sells Tulip.. do NOT buy this brand, Tulip stains the skin horribly.. so unless your good with being stained blue or green or orange (ext) for several days.. yes several days.. then buy it.. but if you like being skin coloured after your event is done with then do NOT buy tulip brand face paints.. I've sent both Tulip and Micheal's letters in hopes of seeing it removed from their shelves

I've been to two events in PG this year and at both events there was "free" facepainting offered.. they were using watercolour crayons these are NOT FDA approved to be used on skin the brands to watch for are cranD'Arche ,Lyra , and Staedtler they come in little metal tins , these are NOT for use on skin, and some of the colours even have led in them.. so Stay away... if your unsure ask to see the packaging if it says Water colour or non toxic but no where on the package do you see the words FDA approved for use on skin, or Facepaints.. Don't let these be used on your self or your child's skin..

If your ever unsure of what a face painter is using ASK them.. Never hope they are using something safe..

Also other things to look for from a reputable face painter are:
Clean Water
Clean brushes
clean one time use sponges ( some painters use sponges that can be washed , I dont like these myself.. but if they are using the same sponge child after child dont risk your childs health, ask for a CLEAN sponge)
and clean paints and a clean set up

I use high hygiene standards, nearly hospital grade, i use clean water for every face, I use clean disinfected brushes , disposable sponges and hand-sanitizer

If someone has "something" on their face that I'm us sure of, or recognize I will not paint that child this include those with head-lice, impotego, pink eye, or other skin rashes or abrasions

Not all face painters are created equally ... Ask questions and if your unsure.. ask me :) [email protected] 

this is what can happen if the wrong products are used on skin...

(images found on line)

http://dermatologie.free.fr/cas153b.jpg can you see tweety bird ??? bad reaction to unsafe product used on the skin..

http://www.face-painting-fun.com/images/kids-face-paints-rash-350.jpg can you see the butterfly?? this child was painted with crafters hobby paint...