M.P. Make-up Artistry , Prince George BC

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Welcome to the Coupon, Gift Certificates and Discounts section of MP Make-up Artistry

Gift Certificates can be custom made to suit your needs.

These can be for any services, including makeup and face painting

all GC's are NONE TRANSFERABLE. this means you can not sell or gift a GC to anyone other than who the GC is intended for.

GC's are valid for 365 days. if a GC is not used with in the 365 days of issue it is voided. Unless other wise date stated. GC's must be mentioned when booking your services, and presented when services rendered. GC's have NO cash value.


All coupons have an expiry date, any tampering with this expire date will render the coupon voided and invalid. There are no extensions to expiry dates of coupons. Expiry dates can not be extended either.

 Coupons can NOT be used towards any of the following....


-Halloween makeup appointments

-any previously booked appointments

-purchase of gift cards

-pay-per-face face painting (public events when services are charged by the face)

-any discounted or "specials" services (example "the Tuesday Special " )

-corporate events

Coupons have no cash value.

All coupons must be mentioned when booking your services, and presented when services rendered. no exceptions.

Fundraiser Gift Certificates

If you've won a winning bid on fundraiser package, these GC's are time sensitive you must contact MP Makeup Artistry immediately to "claim" your prize. This can be done via email ([email protected]) or via Facebook. If you don't "claim" your prize by the designated time frame you will forfeit your prize.

Are you looking for a Prize for a local fundraiser or event ? 

Message MP Makeup Artistry Today via Email [email protected] please include all of the following information.

-name of event or organization

-details of what kind of fundraiser

-phone #

-contact name

-can you provide a tax receipt?

-mailing address